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AP English I

Students will be actively engaged in daily activities which include:
Bellwork (ACT test prep)
Language mechanics (Study Island)
Daily lessons
Classroom discussions
Writing Prompts
Continued practice (Core Content)
Students are required to write down everything practiced in class each day and turn it in at the end of the period.  This work will be graded periodically and randomly to ensure that students stay engaged in the learning.  Failure to turn in work will result in a zero!

Along with the curriculum of regular English I, students will be required to do additional outside reading accompanied by analytical questions and tests.  Independent reading will also require summer reading.  Classwork will also require additional writing with more stringent criteria.  Finally, weekly quizzes, unit tests, semester exams, and end-of-course exams will contain additional questions, as well as open response critical thinking questions.  
One of the standards of our Kentucky Core Content is speaking and listening.  Students will be expected to actively participate in class and voice their opinions in discussions.  There will be an emphasis placed on public speaking and listening to others.  Students will speak in front of their classmates and will continue to work on their speaking skills throughout the school year.  Students will present a project in front of the class each nine weeks.  The projects have been selected to be fun and entertaining to help ease the pressure of standing in front of your peers and speaking.  By the end of the school year, students will be comfortable speaking in front of others as well as being respectful and listening attentively when someone else is speaking.

Summer Assignments      2018-2019

Instructor: Mr. Byron Plummer

  1. ReadTears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper
    1. This book is available from the GCHS library.
      Mrs. Hensley will allow you to check it out over the summer.
    2. Greenup County public library also knows that this is a required reading for our
      school, so they will have copies on hand as well.
    3. There will be a test over Tears of a Tiger  the first week
      of school. This test will be worth 100 points. Be prepared.
 High Standards
At all times, I expect each of my students to contribute 100% of their efforts to all tasks that may be attempted. So, in preparing your summer assignments, I expect you to work very hard. Please feel free to email me at if you have questions or need help. Good luck! 

Each nine weeks, students will be required to read independently outside the classroom.  This reading will be in addition to the AR reading they are required to do.  There will be study questions and a test over each book read outside the classroom. 
Outside reading:
Summer Reading -- Tears of a Tiger    by Sharon Draper
1st nine weeks -- Forged by Fire     by Sharon Draper
2nd nine weeks -- Darkness Before Dawn     by Sharon Draper
3rd nine weeks -- Unwind     by Neil Shusterman
4th nine weeks -- Unstrung   by Neil Shusterman
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