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Academic Programs

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McKell Middle School provides students with many opportunities to join academic organizations.  With clubs such as Governor's Cup, Junior Beta, and Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA); students are given the opportunity to show off their academic prowess and learn to become successful citizens.  

To find out more about each organization, click on their name located to the left.  
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Meet Results from 10/4 against Raceland

1st:  Chase Hunt         
        Mav Liles
2nd:  Erin Rice          
5th:  Cody Tolliver    
6th:  Bryson Clark     
7th:  Kacy Clark       
8th:  Angel Nichols 

Language Arts
1st:  Eli Lanning      
2nd:  Natalie Lester  
4th:  Kacy Clark      
5th:  Savannah Riehl

Arts & Humanities
1st:  Ashton Dupuy 
2nd:  Ethan Lute     
3rd:  Ross Skeens   
7th:  Baylor Ruark  

1st:  Cameron Keeton   
2nd:  Samantha Massie
         Ben Osman
4th:  Victoria Meadows
5th:  Chase Bass           
7th:  Dillon Holder        
        Angel Nichols     
        JD Everett     
8th:  Nick O'Connor   

Social Studies
2nd:  Eli Cains           
         Ross Skeens
         JD Everett
3rd:  Eli Lanning      
4th:  Gabe Foit         
5th:  Abby Darnell   
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