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Advanced Multimedia Publishing

Advanced Multimedia Publishing

Course Description:  This hands-on course applies advanced web design, publishing, and presentation concepts through the development of sophisticated documents and projects which includes, but is not limited to: web sites, web databases, web movies, video editing and production, television productions.  The course is designed around the learning goals of the students and is project-based.  Students will complete advanced projects agreed upon with the instructor utilizing hardware and software available.  Formatting, editing, layout, and design concepts are reviewed and reinforced.  Distribution ready publication standards are applied to all projects.  Students will develop communication skills, problem-solving techniques, cooperative learning, and interpersonal skills.   Leadership development will be provided through FBLA.
In this class students will:

1.       Use industry-standard hardware and software components to create advanced multimedia projects (scanners, digital and video cameras, production equipment, etc.)

2.       Demonstrate an awareness of copyright, licensing, and downloading and safety issues

3.       Design and publish a web site with dynamic content using HTML and/or advanced features of a software package including:  tables, forms, edited images, animated gifs, .sound, web movies (Flash), databases, forums, etc.

4.       Incorporate features into web pages for different audiences and cultures and handicap accessibility 

5.       Observe and practice safety precautions applicable to both classroom and home use of the Internet.

6.       Create movies incorporating advanced features of video editing software,

7.       Broadcast news programs, feature programs, etc. school-wide

8.       Demonstrate employability and social skills relative to the career cluster.

9.       Utilize activities of FBLA as an integral component of course content and leadership development.

10.   Apply math, science, and communication skills relative to the career major. 

11.   Research and analyze career opportunities in multimedia publishing and graphic arts, video production, broadcast, web design, etc.

12.   Identify browser restrictions and variations

13.   Analyze, create, and organize navigational links.

14.   Implement CGI and JavaScript programming where appropriate.

15.   Develop an awareness of page load time with various connections of users

16.   Recognize appropriate backgrounds, fonts, etc. for business web sites.

17.   Demonstrate Internet etiquette.

18.   Publish web pages to a web server.

19.   Formulate a user-friendly file structure for web publishing. 

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