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Algebra II

Algebra II Syllabus



Teacher:  Darrell Adkins

Phone: (606) 735-3153



Textbook:  Prentice Hall  Algebra 2






First, I would like to welcome you officially to Algebra 2.  The following information is designed to give you some insight into what you may expect in the coming months.


This course will cover topics related to Algebra 2.  The class will include topics that will prepare students for success on the coming ACT Exam as well as the End Of Course (EOC) assessments.  More information on Kentucky’s requirements in high school mathematics can be found in the state’s Combined Curriculum Document at:






This year my math classes will employ a grading scale where 65% of the total grade comes from quizzes and tests.  This puts an emphasis on performance on summative assessment (formal exams).  With such a great portion of the grade given to exams, students will be given an opportunity to retake exams once to demonstrate mastery of the given standards.  Exam retakes must be done during the student’s time; they will not receive class time to make-up and/or retake exams.  I will be frequently available after school or before school, and can make arrangements for the student to come on a day that is convenient for them.  Students must come to at least 1 tutoring session to develop a better understanding of the concepts they lacked before they can retake the exam.  All retakes must be completed before the next unit exam takes place, which is typically 3-5 weeks.  No retakes will be given for quizzes.


Grades in this class will come from the following three categories.  These categories are tallied from a weighted average.  This means the average grade from a particular category is multiplied by its “weighted” percentage, and all categories are then added to get the overall grade.





•           Exams – 60%

o          Exams are broken into two categories.


?         Quizzes – typically 10 multiple choice questions; worth 20                     

                 points total


?         Unit Exams – vary in number of questions, but will include                  

                      both multiple choice and typically at least 1    

                      open response


                                                   -- worth 100 points each, given once at the end      

                                                      of each unit, covering a predetermined set of                



•           Homework – 15%


o          Due the day after they are assigned

o          Each assignment worth 10 points

o          Late work is NOT accepted

o          Incomplete assignments will not be accepted.  Any work that is less than ½ complete will receive a grade of 0. 

o          Homework is graded for effort, not accuracy.  If every problem is attempted, even if small errors are made, you will receive 10/10.  If all aren’t attempted, with “honest” effort, you get 0 points.


•           Bell Work and Class Work – 25%


o          “Bell Work” is a daily refresher of the previous days exercise.  A couple of problems will be on the board when you enter the room.  You are expected to begin working on them when you enter the room.  5 minutes after the tardy bell, we will review the problems, and then begin the next lesson. 

o          This will be checked every day, and is worth 5 points per day. 

o          Bell Work can NOT be made up.

o          Notes are required as part of the classwork.  I do not expect you to write every word I say.  I do expect you to try to follow examples from the board, and make some “notes” on what steps were done so that you can look back and follow the work

o          Class Work as a whole should be easy points.  You get 10 points every day for doing the work assigned to you during the class period.  You attain these points by simply doing what you should be doing, coming to class on time, being on task, being prepared, and participating in class.  If you fail to do these, you will lose some of your points. 




Class Expectations – The 5 R’s


  1. Be Ready
    1. Bring pencil, paper, & other materials


  1. Be Reliable
    1. You will lose your bell work points if you are late to class.
    2. 3 tardies ~ I will call your parents!
    3. 4 tardies or more ~ I will call your parents and you will be given a discipline referral!


  1. Be Respectful
    1. NO name-calling!
    2. Listen when others are talking; this includes the teacher! J
    3. Don’t take things that don’t belong to you!


  1. Be Resourseful
    1. Don’t expect me to spoon-feed you all the information all the time.  Sometimes you may struggle and find an answer on your own.  This is how we learn.  Life is seldom about having the answer in your head, but rather your ability to find that answer.
  2. Be Responsible
    1. Do not come to class expecting me to have pencil and paper for you.  Be responsible and have your materials.  Also, you should be responsible for your homework.  I don’t accept any sob stories about your work laying on the kitchen table, or the dog eating it, etc..  It is YOUR responsibility.  Exceptions are made for illness and excused absences.


  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom.  For now, you are allowed to have chewing gum.  The first time I find gum on my floor or under a desk, chewing gum privileges will be revoked. 




Class Routines


  1. NO pencil sharpening during instruction!
    • You need to do this at the beginning of class or during the “class work” time.


  1. NO restroom passes during first or last 10 minutes of class!
    • Don’t ask to leave the room for any reason unless it is an emergency.  This class is just as important as any other class.
    • You will get 1 and only 1 emergency pass to the restroom per 9-weeks.  This may happen during class work time only.  If I’m giving whole class instruction, don’t even bother asking.  You have time between classes to go, so that is when you should go. 


  1. Entering the classroom ~ you need to come in, sharpen pencil, get your calculator and clicker, then have a seat and start on the bell work.


  1. All homework will be checked at the beginning of class.  If you have an assignment from the night before, have it ready for me to check.


  1. If you are absent for any reason it is your responsibility to find out exactly what you missed.  Come see me.  You will have one more day to make up work than the total number of days absent.  If the work is not made up within the allotted time you will receive 0.  Remember it is your responsibility to turn in your work.


  1. If a quiz or test needs to be made up it should be taken before or after school or during an elective period.  I will not permit you to make something during class unless we have enough time at the end of the period (which usually is not the case).  So if you know that you missed a quiz or test make arrangements to come in early or stay late on an agreed upon date.


  1. In addition to all the policies and procedures mentioned above, each student is to follow the rules and regulations of the Bracken County High School Student Handbook.





I do not punish you.  I believe we all make choices.  For certain choices you make, there are certain consequences.  If you chose to do something you shouldn’t, be prepared to face the consequences.


For minor offenses, such as talking, feet on furniture, leaning in the chairs, etc., you will receive 1 verbal warning then 1 written warning (loss of class points).  If you receive 3 written warnings for any combination of negative behaviors it will result in a phone call home.  If a conference with your parents still doesn’t correct the behavior, then an office referral will be in order.


For major offenses, such as profanity, tobacco, skipping, fighting, etc., it will be an immediate discipline referral and possibly being sent directly to the office, as well as a phone call home.




Each student will be assigned a graphing calculator and a CPS Clicker.  It is your job to make sure you return your calculator at the end of each period.  You will be given a number, which will correspond to a sticker on a calculator.  If the calculator is abused or damaged, you will be required to pay for it and you will lose your privileges for the year, which will be a HUGE disadvantage.  Take care of our equipment.



Good luck, and have a great year!

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