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Antebellum Kentucky



SS-HS-5: History is an account of events, people, ideas, and their interaction over time that can be interpreted through multiple perspectives. In order for students to understand the present and plan for the future, they must understand the past. Studying history engages students in the lives, aspirations, struggles, accomplishments and failures of real people. Students need to think in an historical context in order to understand significant ideas, beliefs, themes, patterns and events, and how individuals and societies have changed over time in Kentucky, the United States and the World


I CAN define the word “antebellum” and place it in its historical context.

I CAN describe a key figure in antebellum Kentucky: Henry Clay

I CAN describe antebellum Kentucky life: religion, education, medicine, reading, publishing, culture, entertainment, amusement.

I CAN describe the role of slavery in antebellum Kentucky: extent, legality, conditions abolitionism and the Underground Railroad


M: PP, Antebellum Kentucky – an introduction / Timeline – CREATE A TIMELINE of “your life” – Primary Source Reading, “Antebellum Kentucky”

T: PP, Antebellum Kentucky’s key figure: Henry Clay – Primary Source Reading, SPEECH – Video Clip, Who was Henry Clay?

W: PP, Antebellum Kentucky Life: Religion – Cane Ridge / The Shakers – Primary Source Reading – Video Clip about Cane Ridge / Shakers

Th: PP, Antebellum Kentucky Life: Education / Medicine / Reading & Publishing – Primary Source Reading: What was School Like in the “Good Old Days?” – Kentucky Explorer Search

F: PP, Antebellum Kentucky Life: Culture / Entertainment / Amusement – WRITING ACTIVITY: Short Story Creation, “My Life as a Teenager in 1850” – Kentucky Explorer Search


M: PP, Antebellum Kentucky: Slavery (part 1) – Primary Source Reading: Kentucky Slave Laws – Video Clip, KET presentation about slavery in Kentucky

T: PP, Antebellum Kentucky: Slavery (part 2) – Primary Source Reading: “Slave Life” – Examination of a famous song (“My Old Kentucky Home”)

W: PP, Antebellum Kentucky: The Underground Railroad – WRITING ACTIVITY: “My Journey on the Underground Railroad” – Primary Source Reading, Kentucky on the verge of Civil War – video clip

TH: Antebellum Kentucky Unit Review: People, places, events vocabulary – Video Clip

F: Antebellum Kentucky UNIT EXAM



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