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RI/L.7.4 - Meanings of Words (Building Vocabulary Skills)

Building Vocabulary Skills in 7th Grade (RI/L.7.4)

These are the graphic organizers for our weekly terms and definitions.  Remember, if you are having difficulty building your own senteces, you are welcome to "steal" them from here!
Please remember, ALL Building Vocabulary Skills' graphic orgnanizers, as well as any other vocabulary terms we encounter as Languanauts need to be kept in our Personal Dictionaries.  Think of these as your "Captain's Log" or "Adventure Diary" in our journey through the English language.   
This page is a work in progress. Eventually, we will have all Building Vocabulary Skills Units/Chapters available with classroom PowerPoints and images with properly constructed sentences, highlighting our terms and utilizing context cues to help us better understand how to use these words correctly.  

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