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Class Expectations

Standard Classroom Procedures

Students will always be given a warning for any unwanted behavior.  Thereafter, the student will be written up for the first and second minor infraction.  Parents must be contacted for the second infraction.  The third infraction will result in an office referrral.  Major infractions result in an immediate office referral.

  • Be in class as soon as possible after the bell rings.  Habitual tardiness will not be tolerated.   Three unexcused tardies are considered a major infraction.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in class.  DO NOT have cell phones out on desk or they will be taken to the office.  If you need to call home, you must use the phone in the main office.  The classroom telephone may not be used to make outside calls- per school policy.
  • Remain in your assigned seat at all times unless otherwise instructed.  Do not lie on the desks or prop feet on the desks.
  • Please act like an adult.  Public displays of affection will not be tolerated.
  • Horseplay in the classroom or hallway is unacceptable.
  • Internet/email or game use is prohibited during class instruction.
  • Class ends when the bell rings.  Class will be considered in session until the bell rings.  Only then may a student leave.  Remain seated until the bell rings.  This means that you do not stand by the door or walk around.
  • Ask permission to use the restroom.  You must sign out and obtain the key to use the restroom.  Only one person allowed at a time.
  • If you are absent, check with instructor for assignment.  You will be given a reasonable amount of time to make up your assignment.  YOU are responsible for makeup work.
  • Any student caught cheating will recieve a grade of zero and Friday school.
  • Be prepared for class; bring paper and pencil each day.
  • No food or drinks.  This is a computer lab.
  • Do NOT print without permission.


Safety Procedures

  • Do not use any machine until you have received instructions on the operation of that machine.
  • Keep feet and hands away from electrical cords and plugs.
  • Do not stretch an electrical cord across the aisle where someone might trip over it.
  • Do not attempt to repair equipment.  Inform the teacher of the problem and do not continue to use the equipment.
  • Do not insert pencils or other implements in disk drives to avoid damage to the drives or to you.
  • Do not throw objects such as pencils, books, etc.  Hand them to others carefully.
  • Do not roll or adjust chairs unnecessarily.
  • Use caution when sitting in chairs with rollers - sitting on the edge or leaning back too far will cause them to overturn.
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