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GC Area Technology Center
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Sarah Marth, Principal
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Greenup, KY

Classroom Rules & Expectations

Classroom Rules


· NO Horseplay will be tolerated while working in the lab (shop, greenhouse, outside) or classroom. This could be dangerous and someone could get hurt. Horseplay may result in the student’s removal from the class.

· RESPECT  – Respect instructor, fellow classmates, and all equipment.

· NO Tobacco products are allowed!

   (If a student is caught using tobacco products, you will be written up.   After the 3rdoffence
   the student will be sent to the principal’s office.)

· NO CELL PHONES are allowed in the shop, greenhouse or classroom area! GCHS School rules apply to Horticulture.

· Safety glasses must be worn at all times when outside. All students will have a pair of safety glasses issued to them at the beginning of school that they will be responsible for keeping up with. Failure to wear safety glasses will result in removal from activity and bookwork assigned.

· Shoes - Proper closed-toe shoes should be worn when working in the greenhouse, outside or shop area. If you do not have the proper type of shoes on, you will not be permitted to
participate in the activity. Your participation grade will be affected by this.

Other Expectations:

FFA is not a requirement, but highly recommended. Dues are $15.00 for the entire year. More information will be presented during class.

Class assignments should include first and last name, date, and class period. Place these in the upper right hand corner or on the top line of your paper. Papers without names will NOT be graded.

A class folder will be kept (provided by the teacher) in the classroom. All student work should be kept in this folder. It will be graded each mid-term and 9 weeks for its content and worth 100 points. Your class folder will be a daily record of class activities, reflections about earning in class, opinions about issues brought up in class, questions and notes. It will be a record of your experiences and work in this class.
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