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GCHS Musketeers
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Jason Smith, Principal
Craig Wilburn, Assistant Principal
Eric Keeton, Assistant Principal
196 Musketeer Drive
Greenup, KY 41144

Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules and Procedures:

Classroom Rules:

  • Be on time!

    • I take attendance at the start of every class, and will not tolerate lateness. You will be marked absent/tardy and should the behavior become habitual, your grade will suffer.

  • No tobacco!

    • Absolutely no chewing in my room. If I catch you with it, you will have to leave my room and go to the office, and it will be a waste of your time, money, and health.

  • Respect yourself and others!

    • Be attentive in class, and do not speak while I am lecturing. Show respect to yourself by being receptive to learning and participating, and do not disrupt your fellow classmates by talking in class. When I am at the front of the room lecturing, no one is to speak unless I invite discussion. If you have a question, you must raise your hand. Do not get out of your seats during my lectures at any time.

  • No cell phones!

    • If I see it, I will take it and ship it off to Mr. Wilburn. Then it becomes your problem, and your parents’ problem. No cell phone use at any time.

  • Food and Drink!

    • I will only allow drinks with a twist top in my room. The drink must be able to be completely sealed or it is not allowed in class. No food in my room unless it is a light snack. I strive to keep our room clean and well-managed, and you must help me do this.

Classroom Procedures:

  • Always have paper and a writing utensil!

    • In every single class you will need a paper to write on. Make sure your first and last name, period, and date are on top of the paper. Papers without these will be no be graded.

  • Raise your hand!

    • During lecture if you have a question, raise your hand. Unless I have called for active discussion and participation, I do not expect to be interrupted, and will only call on your if your hand is raised.

  • Classroom agenda and learning targets!

    • I will always have a classroom agenda and learning targets posted everyday in class. These will allow you to know what is expected of you, and what we are doing for the day. We will refer to these every class period.

  • Do not talk!

    • When I am at the front of the class, and I am lecturing, do not talk! When I speak, you listen, and I will listen when you speak.

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