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College Career Math Readiness

College/Career & High School Math Readiness

Syllabus 2015-2016

Teacher:  Ms. Hopper

Room: 105 (Tech Lab)


Activities will include lecture, small group, computer learning and individual instruction.

The intent of this class is to prepare the student for the ACT.  

Daily Required Material:

  • folder for notes
  • loose leaf college rule paper
  • calculator
  • pencils
  • erasers

There is a class set of calculators for students’ classroom use.  If the student works on activities outside of the classroom setting he/she will need to have a scientific calculator.



Regular attendance is critical for success in school.  Students are responsible for anything missed while absent.  Each student will have individual assignment that may differ from their classmates.  For that reason, it is critical that all students come see me either before or after class to discuss what they’ve missed.  Two full days are allotted, to complete work for full credit.  If a student knows in advance he/she is going to be absent for sports, field trips, etc., please see me before leaving, to get your work.  If students are absent the day of a test or quiz, they need to be prepared to take it upon returning.

Pass and Tardy Policy

Hall Passes- issued at the teacher’s discretion.

Restroom-  All students will be escorted to the restroom.  NO restroom trips will occur the first and last fifteen minutes of the class period.


Tardies:   Any student in the hallway after the class bell is tardy.  Students are expected to be in their seat and ready to begin immediately.  Tardy penalties are as follows: a 1st and 2nd tardy will result in a warning from me; a 3rd tardy will result in a lunch detention with me, a call home and an office referral. Students that fail to serve their detention time with me will be referred to their administrator for consequences.


Classroom Expectation:

  • Personal Responsibility- To be accountable for actions, choices and results.
  • Respect- To show consideration, appreciation, and acceptance.
  • Integrity- To be honest, sincere, and kind in words and actions
  • Determination- To set goals and meet expectations.
  • Excellence- To strive to do the best at all times.

Consequences for Poor Choices:

Should poor choices be made, the following disciplinary actions may occur,

  • Possible verbal warning
  • Phone call or email home
  • Student/Teacher or Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Parent contact and/or referral to principal
  • Detentions must be served within 5 days.  Failure to do so will result in an office referral.


Based on individualized progress within his/her prescriptive lessons; class participation, and summative assessments.

Retakes of Tests

Tests can be retaken, however intervention (practice) must occur prior to the retake.

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