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RI/L.7.1 - W.7.9 - Constructed Response

Constructing Excellent Written Responses

12 Powerful Words


analyze: to break down into parts (and the whole)

compare: to show how things are alike

contrast: to examine the differences

describe: to tell all about it with details

evaluate: to judge; to assign a value

explain: to tell how or why

formulate: to build or create; to make or come up with

infer: to read between the lines; to figure out

predict: to think about the future

summarize: to retell the short version

support: to back it up with evidence

trace: to outline or list in steps 

Use RAER and IRACE strategies to get you through the finish line!
RAER (Rules for Answering Extended Response)

IRACE To an Excellent Writing Response

Read the ENTIRE prompt … TWICE!!!

Make sure you understand what information the prompt is asking you for.

Use the prompt, commands and numbers, along with your starter sentence to make sure to completely answer all parts of the question.

      Indent your response.

Use your best handwriting!

Use your best vocabulary skills, cite information from the text, and DO NOT be repetitive repetitive repetitive!

Re-read your response to check for easy fixes such as missing information, repetition, and spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Remember that graders are human. They may judge you on other elements besides the content of your answer, so always put forth your BEST effort.

  • Keep your handwriting as neat as possible.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.
  • When in doubt make sure you explain yourself.
Most importantly –


Constructed Response Strategies PowerPoint
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RAER and IRACE infographic to excellent constructed responses
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