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RI/L.7.3 and 7.7 - Plot and Characters/Text vs. Media: Ender's Game

Includes: a hyperlinked table of contents, vocabulary, discussion questions, study guide question/answers, prediction charts, character attribute webs, and story maps for all chapters.
Chapters 9-11 class discussions (THEMES) vocabulary, study guide questions and answers, as well as the instructions we used for our Discussion RoundRobin strategy for creating our SM/CAW.
Pair this PPT along with Chapters 1-8 Review PPT and all notes taken in class for a comprehensive study guide for our final assessment. You may print this PPT to create flash cards to help you study. Be able to answer the final writing prompt in 2-3 quality sentences.
Discussion, study guide, and prediction questions for the Ender's Game unit.
All of the writing prompts for the reading and viewing of Ender's Game.
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