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GCHS Musketeers
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Jason Smith, Principal
Craig Wilburn, Assistant Principal
Eric Keeton, Assistant Principal
196 Musketeer Drive
Greenup, KY 41144

English I

Students will be actively engaged in daily activities which include:
ACT Test Prep vocabulary (5 words per week)/definitions and spelling 
Bellwork (ACT test prep)/reading aloud
Language mechanics (Study Island)
Daily lessons
Classroom discussions
Writing Prompts
Continued practice (Core Content)
Students are required to write down everything practiced in class each day.  Classwork will be checked daily to see it is completed and students will receive points for their participation each day.  This work will be graded periodically and randomly to ensure that students stay engaged in the learning.  Failure to turn in work will result in a zero!

One of the standards of our Kentucky Core Content is speaking and listening.  Students will be expected to actively participate in class and share their thinking in discussions.  There will be an emphasis placed on public speaking and listening to others.  Students will speak in front of their classmates and will continue to work on their speaking skills throughout the school year.  Students will present a project in front of the class each nine weeks.  The projects have been selected to be fun and entertaining to help ease the pressure of standing in front of your peers and speaking.  By the end of the school year, students will be comfortable speaking in front of others as well as being respectful and listening attentively when someone else is speaking.
Students will be completing a research paper to comply with the core content standard for providing informational text.  The paper must meet the criteria set forth in the rubric for the research paper.  Students will be required to retrieve information and compose a 1 1/2 to 2 page paper detailing a career choice they are interested in.  Students will be provided with a writing prompt as well as a checklist to ensure they have met all of the specifications of the paper.
As a classroom, we will be reading different selections throughout the school year.  We will also incorporate different lessons and activities pertaining to the reading that correlates with the Kentucky Core Content Standards.
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