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Advanced English II

Advanced English II
Advanced English II Course Description
English II will broaden and deepen the skills learned in the previous year.
Throughout English II, students are again taught to use writing as a means
of thinking and learning across the curriculum. Excerpts of high-quality
literature will serve as models to teach reading, writing, usage, and
mechanics. Additionally, students will be exposed to whole texts and
excerpts from newspapers, magazines, and research material. Open-ended
writing activities, performance assessments, and cooperative learning
situations are also part of the curriculum. Emphasis is given to critical analysis
and interpretation of literature. Students are asked to write frequently and
creatively. The study of grammar, spelling, and usage is also incorporated into classroom studies.Vocabulary studies and novel studies are emphasized.
Night, Animal Farm, and Julius Caesar are among the required units of study.


"ThE mAn WhO dOeS nOt ReAd
GoOd BoOkS hAs No AdVaNtAgE
tHe MaN wHo CaN't ReAd."

                                                - Mark Twain

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