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5th Grade - Evans

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Welcome to Mrs. Evans' Writing and Grammar Class
                       Week of Nov. 27, 2017
 What will we be doing this week?
4th grade: They will be learning about apostrophes and quotation marks and continue with persuasive writing.
Vocabulary words: commotion, unison, superior, reluctant, abbreviate
*Those who have 5th grade or 6th grade words, see below. 
 5th grade: We will continue with combining sentences and on-demand writing.
Vocabulary words: shred, effortless, phrase, repulsive, exquisite
6th grade words: analyze, anticipate, beneficial, chronological, elaborate






Vocabulary Words

 4th Grade:
commotion--noisy excitement and confusion
unison--exact agreement
reluctant--showing doubt or unwillingness
abbreviate-- to make shorter 
5th Grade:
shred-- to cut or tear into small pieces
effortless--needing little
phrase-- a group of words that do not form a complete sentence
repulsive--a strong dislike or disgust
exquisite-- very beautiful or delicate 
6th Grade: 
analyze--to examine
anticipate-- to look forward to
beneficial-- helpful
chronological-- arranged in order
elaborate-- work out in detail
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