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GCHS Musketeers
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Jason Smith, Principal
Craig Wilburn, Assistant Principal
Eric Keeton, Assistant Principal
196 Musketeer Drive
Greenup, KY 41144

Figurative language examples

1. The lottery winner's grin stretched from New York City to Los Angeles.
(hyperbole) over exaggerated, the grin didn't stretch that far

2. Even diamonds are jealous of your beauty.
(personification) diamonds are not humans who can be jealous

3. Larry’s lizard likes leaping leopards.
(alliteration) repeating of the consonant letter L

4. Her beautiful eyes were twinkling stars in the sky.
(metaphor) comparing her eyes to star without using "like" or "as"

5. The money I have saved for a car is just a drop in the bucket compared to what I need.
(idiom) using the phrase "a drop in the bucket" to mean you don't have near enough money saved

6. The rose stretched forth her arms after long winter's nap.
(personification) roses don't have arms, humans do

7. The cat hissed at the dog as it walked past.
(onomatopoeia) using the word hissed to convey the sound of the cat

8. It was no fun when we had to run under the sun.
(assonance) repeating of the short u sound

9. The bride was dressed in a beautiful white gown as an expression of her innocence and purity.
(symbolism) the dress is a symbol of or represents her innocence. 

10. The doctor had to cancel my appointment because he was too sick to come in.
(irony) you wouldn't expect the doctor to be too sick to work

11. That guy is always walking around with a big chip on his shoulder.
(idiom) using the phrase "chip on his shoulder" to mean he always has a bad attitude

12. Track coaches look for runners who sprint as fast as cheetahs.
(simile) comparing runners' speed to a cheetah using the word "as"

13. Ralph’s reindeer rose rapidly and ran round the room.
(alliteration) a repeating of the consonant R

14. I could hear a loud buzzing when the electric line went down.
(onomatopoeia) using the word buzzing to convey the sound of the electric line

15. The Purple Heart on his chest stood for his courage in battle.
(symbolism) the medal represents or symbolizes his courage

16. The boy choked to death eating a life saver.
(irony) you wouldn't expect a boy to die eating something named a "life saver"

17. My notebook is a train wreck.
(metaphor) comparing your notebook to a train wreck

18. The snow covered hills looked like fluffy pillows in the distance.
(simile) comparing hills to pillows using the word "like"

19. Joe needs to go slow when he mows the lawn. 
(assonance) a repeating of the vowel long o sound
20. I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!
(hyperbole) over exaggerating, you cannot eat an entire horse.
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