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RI/L.7.4 - "I Can Idiom!!!" (Figurative Language)

Idioms - The most elusive figurative language! (RI/L.7.4)

I heard it through the grapevine that we are all peas in a pod barking up the wrong tree when it comes to understanding idioms. We have found ourselves on a wild goose chase trying to figure them out.

Even if you are a smart cookie, don’t get on your high horse just yet. Quit being a couch potato! Get out there and educate yourself so you won’t have to be green with envy when someone spews an idiom your direction. Once you familiarize yourself with some common idioms, you can be a top banana, cool as a cucumber, floating on cloud nine using these frustrating figuratives too!
Idioms are a powerful figurative language we use everyday.  Here is the video we watched in class to help us identify idioms and their meanings in song lyrics.
Not to mention the reinactment of Idioms we watched by these two crazy college students in "What if Idioms Were Real?"
Also, don't forget our "I CAN IDIOM!!!" infographic from our pod binders.  Feel free to save the image and print your own copy.  
As always, you can always practice your idiom'ing (yes, I made it up) skills using the practice games and activities on our classroom Symbaloo!
Idioms - A Languanaut PowerPoint
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