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Jason Smith, Principal
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Integrated Alg I

Integrated Alg I syllabus

Mr. Adkins Integrated Alg I Syllabus

Greenup County High School

196 Musketeer Drive

Greenup, KY 41144



·        Be on Time and Prepared

·        Be Respectful of Classmates and Teacher

·        Be Working at All Times

·        Be in Assigned Seat During Entire Class

·        Respect the Technology Tools You are Given



Before the Bell Rings

Classroom Materials :

·        If you need a pencil or paper, you are to pick them up from the designated location in the room BEFORE the tardy bell rings

·        If you need to sharpen your pencil this is your moment. If your pencil breaks during class, raise your hand and ask permission before sharpening



·        Students will prepare automaticity and be seated before the tardy bell rings

·        Automaticity will begin promptly thereafter, WITHOUT TALKING

Bell Work

o   After finishing Automaticity students will immediately begin to work on bell work. If bell work is completed before time is called students may work on unfinished assignments

Lesson/Learning Objective

1.      Students will utilize their math notebooks for automaticity, bell work, notes, etc.

2.      If a student has a question during the course of the lesson he/she will raise his/her hand to gain permission from Ms. Daniel before the question is asked.

3.      Questions concerning restroom breaks, sharpening pencils, or throwing something away should be held until independent practice.

4.       For the opening activity/task students will complete the task in an efficient manner in the time allotted for the task.

5.      If students finish a task early they may complete other homework assignments.

o   Independent Practice/ Group Activities

o   During independent practice there will be zero talking amongst students.

o   During group activities TALKING IS ENCOURAGED. That being said, if thirty students are talking at full volume in a small room, no one wins. Whisper- only the intended party can hear what you are saying. If others can hear what you’re saying, you’re doing it wrong.

o   Exiting the Classroom

o   THE BELL DOESN’T DISMISS YOU, I DO! Students will turn in their assignments on the way out of the classroom after being dismissed. At that time any students will also return any borrowed materials to the designated location in the room.

o   Bathroom Breaks: Two emergency passes per nine weeks, however, five minutes between classes should be sufficient.

o   Tardy Policy: Unexcused tardiness (no note) will be documented. Each tardy after three will be penalized with a lunch detention.


1. No Food or Drinks Allowed in the Lab at all!

3. I will work on PLATOcontinuously for the allotted time

4. I will log off the computer when finished.

5. I will complete a minimum of 50 topics in a 9 week period



Computer Lab                                     15%

Assignments                                         30%

Notebook                                            15%

Tests                                                    40%


Classroom Topics Integrated 1:
            Algebra 1:
                        Unit A:  1.5 Weeks (Integers)
                        Unit B:  3 Weeks (Fractions)
                        Unit C:  1 Week (Decimal Operations)
                        Unit D:  1.5 Weeks (Comparing, Converting, Estimating, Rounding)
                        Unit 1:   4 Weeks (Foundations of Algebra)
                        Unit 2:  5 Weeks (Operations with Polynomials)
                        Unit 3:  3 Weeks (Operations with Radicals)
                        Unit 4:  4.5 Weeks (Solving Equations)
                        Unit 5:  2.5 Weeks (Solving Inequalities)
                        Unit 6:  2.5 Weeks (Data Analysis)
                        Unit 7:  3.5 Weeks (Introduction to Functions)


Missing Work

Missing Work from an absence can be acquired from the following resources:

Classroom Calendar (located in the back of the classroom)

Infinite Campus

Teacher Website


Discipline Policy:  prohibited behavior may include talking when Mr. Adkins is teaching/ addressing the class, excessive pen clicking, blurting out statements or comments without raising hand, leaving your seat without permission, throwing any item, making any disruptive noises, talking across the room, using electronic devices etc.


*All behavior issues will be dealt with in alignment with board policy. 

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