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Tracy Kelly - Resource

Teacher Bio

My name is Tracy Kelly.  I have been a teacher at Greenup County High School for 21 years.  I graduated from Marshall University where I obtained both my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in both regular and special education.    I am married and have a 18 year old son named Zack. 
It is a privilige to be able to come to work every day and do something that I love.  Working with my students and interacting with others is an honor.

Teacher Schedule

1st Period:  Corrective Reading I, II, III, IV
2nd Period:  Functional Home Living I, II, III, IV
3rd Period:  Functional Life Skills I, II, III, IV
4th Period:  Functional Community Ed. I, II, III, IV
5th Period:  Planning
6th Period:  Real Life Math Skills I, II, III, IV
7th Period:  Functional Community Living I, II, III, IV

Community Based Instruction Calendar

Community Based Instruction:
Activities will be scheduled and permission slips sent home with students.


Corrective Reading:  Students will work on functional sight words. Using Edmark Reading Series as well as other programs that will increase functional reading skills in the community as well as the school setting.
Functional Life Skills:  Students will develop skills needed to function appropriately in every day events they may encounter throughout their life.
Functional Community Education:  Students will develop skills needed to function appropriatly in the community setting.
Functional Home Living:  A curriculum will be introduced that will focus on home living education, the skills that will be taught will be house cleaning skills, cooking and meal preparation, following recipes, as well as laundry skills, there is also an emphasis on personal self care.
Practical Math:  Students will be introduced to skills that will allow them to learn basic life skills and assist them in making the transition to post high school to meet the demands of society.  Basic math and real life applications such as money, exploring relationships between needs and wants, money saving strategies, banking skills, and shopping and managing a household.
Corrective Reading:  Students will be given the opportunity to improve reading and comprehension skills by focusing on functional vocabulary, community and safety signs and meanings to allow them to meet the reading and writing demands of their other courses. 

Parent Forms

This forms must be printed and signed in order for your child to participate.

Parent Resources

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