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Kentucky Business

Kentucky Business Unit

Greenup County High School Lesson Plan

SUBJECT Kentucky Studies DATE(S) LESSON TAUGHT: 2 weeks: Jan 5, 12, 19



3.2.2 Students will describe economic institutions such as corporations, labor unions, banks, stock markets, cooperatives, and partnerships.

3.3.3 Students will explain how, in a free-enterprise system, individuals attempt to maximize their profits based on their role in the economy.


I CAN define key economic terms and analyze various economic systems

I CAN describe Kentucky’s economy, differentiating past and present

I CAN analyze Kentucky’s taxation system, including how to fill out a tax form

I CAN identify key Kentucky economic categories, including agriculture, manufacturing, coal, service industry


M: SEMESTER EXAM REVIEW – Pre-Learning Quiz – PP, ECONOMICS (introduction) – CLASS ACTIVITY #1: writing exercise (types of economic systems)

T: PP, Kentucky Business (overview): Characteristics of the U.S. economic system / Kentucky’s Economic History Overview & Major Industries – CLASS ACTIVITY #2: questions

W: SOCIAL STUDIES LAB: Kentucky Business Research

TH: PP, Kentucky Business: Taxation – WEBSITES on taxation – CLASS ACTIVITY #3: How to fill out a tax form

F: PP, Kentucky Business: Agriculture – CLASS ACTIVITY: Primary Source Search (Kentucky Explorer – life on a farm)


M: PP, Kentucky Business: Coal – Websites on coal – Video, Coal Mining – CLASS ACTIVITY: Analyze

T: PP, Kentucky Business: Manufacturing & Service Industry - VIDEO: Industry in Kentucky – CLASS ACTIVITY: Group / Station Activity of these businesses in our area

W: SOCIAL STUDIES LAB: Research a Kentucky company

TH: PP, Kentucky Business: Employment & Exports – CHART: Kentucky Businesses – CLASS ACTIVITY: Create a business (what? Who? Where? How? Why?)

F: PP, Employment & Exports – “Earning a Living in Kentucky” – Class Activity: RESEARCH REPORTS – Videos of Kentucky Businesses


M: T: PP, Kentucky Tourism & Travel – CLASS ACTIVITY: Examine several travel brochures and pamphlets, and create a “travel brochure” (poster / picture) of somewhere exciting to visit in Kentucky

T: PP, Horses in Kentucky – Video, Churchill Downs – PRIMARY SOURCE READING: “A Horse Story” – Video Analysis, KET Horses

W: Personal Finance / Banking

TH: PP, Poverty in Kentucky – CLASS ACTIVITY: How can we help eliminate poverty in Kentucky? – UNIT REVIEW




Daily Learning Launch - Class Discussion - Individual / Group / Partner Activities -

Primary Source Analysis and Search – “Creative” expression (writing / illustrating)


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