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Kentucky in the Civil War

Lesson Plan

Kentucky in the Civil War
Lesson: Social Studies , Grade(s) 09 12
Kentucky in the Civil War
Duration: 3 Weeks

Lesson Plan
I CAN describe the election of 1860, and compare the various regional interests that tore at the unity of the nation.
I CAN evaluate Kentucky’s allegiances to both North and South, and describe how they lead to an official position of “neutrality.”
I CAN analyze how and where the Civil War began.
I CAN compare and contrast Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis
I CAN analyze attempts to maintain Kentucky’s neutrality, and evaluate how and why that neutrality was violated.
I CAN evaluate life for civilians on the home front
I CAN evaluate life for soldiers in camp and on the battlefield.
I CAN identify major battles in Kentucky, and evaluate their outcome.
I CAN evaluate life for civilians and soldiers in Kentucky
I CAN describe events after the war in Kentucky, and analyze their effect on popular sentiment
M: PP, The Civil War Begins: Ft. Sumter video about Ft. Sumter – Primary Source Reading: Who was Major Robert Anderson, and why was he “divided”?
T: PP, Kentucky's position: Neutrality PBSVideo, Kentucky and the Civil War – Compare and Contrast Abraham Lincolnand Jefferson Davis READING & VENN DIAGRAM

W: Social Studies Lab: Individual Research on a Key Kentucky Civil War Personality
TH: PP, Maintaining Kentucky’s Neutrality – BIO reading Simon Buckner & William Nelson Questions – CLASS ACTIVITY:report on “What Should Kentucky Do?”
F: PP, Elections of 1861 and Neutrality Violated – PRIMARY SOURCE: Women and Children at Home (reading andquestions)
M: PP, Confederate Government, Line, Withdrawal – BATTLE OF MILLS SPRINGS – Video Clip about – PRIMARY SOURCEreading “Life in a Civil War Camp”
T: PP, Raids & Battles – Civil War Battles in Kentucky (con’t): RICHMOND, MUNFORDVILLE – PRIMARY SOURCEREADING: Solider Life (questions & analysis)
W: PP, Battles in Kentucky (con’t) – PRIMARY SOURCE Mill Springs Reading #2 – Questions – WRITING EXERCISE:Personal Narrative, Life during the War
TH: PP, Battles in Kentucky (con’t) & Morgan’s Raids – PRIMARY SOURCE: Kentuckians Fighting in the War - REVIEWFOR UNIT TEST
F: Kentucky in the Civil War UNIT EXAM
M: Exam Review Civil War in Greenup County

T: UNIT CONCLUSION: Video, “Lincoln: The Kentucky Years” – Video, “Jefferson Davis: American President”
W-F: No School
Daily Learning Launch Class activity & discussion – individual reading – group discussions and presentation about battles – writing exercises primary and secondary source reading and analysis exit
Standards Covered
History is an account of events, people, ideas, and their interaction over time that can be interpreted through multiple perspectives. In order for students to understand the present and plan for the future, they must understand the past. Studying history engages students in the lives, aspirations, struggles, accomplishments and failures of real people. Students need to think in an historical
context in order to understand significant ideas, beliefs, themes, patterns and events, and how individuals and societies have changed over time in Kentucky, the United States and the World.

Kentucky Civil War Map

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