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RI.7.9 - Compare/Contrast of Common Characteristics

Compare and Contrast

Comparing and contrasting two or more things can get a little tricky.  You can compare and contrast two or more items in the same text, two texts by the same author, or even two texts by different authors but with similar topics.  Below are videos by McGraw-Hill that explain comparing and contrasting.  They will help clear up the confusion so you will be able to utilize these skills while reading, and help you become better writers too!  
Compare: Finding similarirites between two items
Contrast: Finding differences between two items.
Characteristics:  Traits of a text that are being compared and contrasted against each other (ie, character traits, authors, topic, genre, mode of narration, text structure, text features, etc.)  

Comparing and Contrasting Common Characteristics (RI.7.9)

It is difficult to understand that "common characteristic" does not necessarily mean "similarities" in a text.  The table below will help you understand how a common characteristic can be both similar AND/OR different between two texts.  First, you will find links to the two texts we have examined in class.  After you are familiar with these texts, examine the chart to help you better understand how these terms work together when we are dealing with literary and informational texts.  
Remember, you need to practice identifying the CHARACTERISTICS you are examining before you provide the information that makes them SIMILAR or DIFFERENT.
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