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Byron Plummer - English

Welcome to the web page of Mr. Plummer

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Welcome to my web page.  Hopefully, as the school year progresses you will find this to be a helpful tool in keeping up with what's going on in the classroom!
Name:  Byron Plummer

School: The Greenup County High School

Classes: English I, English I AP, College and Career Readiness Literacy
Room: 140
Class Schedule:
1st Period: AP English I   8:05 - 8:55
2nd Period: English I  8:59 - 9:49
3rd Period: Planning Period    9:53 - 10:43             
4th Period:  Lunch/College/Career Readiness Literacy  10:47 - 12:21
5th Period: AP English I  12:25 - 1:15
6th Period: English I  1:20 - 2:10
7th Period: AP English I   2:15 - 3:05   

School Phone: 606 473-9812

Who is this Mr. Plummer?
  • Graduated from Wheelersburg High School in 1977.
  • Graduated from Shawnee State University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Education in 2005.
  • Graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership in 2009.
      I am now enjoying my fourteenth year of working for the Greenup County School District. My first three years were spent at Wurtland Middle School teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math and Reading. I then moved to the high school where I spent the next three years teaching Algebra I. The past seven years, I've been teaching English I, English I AP and literacy readiness.
     Although Math is my first love, English has been an absolutely incredible experience. I am able to interact more with students because the classroom discussions generated from the literature we read in class are so stimulating. Having the opportunity to listen to students and enjoy their interpretation and understanding of a piece of literature is priceless. 
      I have a deep love for Greenup County. Although I was born and raised in Wheelersburg, OH, most of my immediate family and relatives were from Greenup. While growing up, I spent much of my time in Greenup and developed many close friends. I now work with some of those old friends and have a genuine connection with the area and the people.


English I & English I AP  

2017-2018 Course Syllabus

Teacher:  Mr. Plummer
Room: 140

Phone: 606-473-9812

Planning period: 3rd


The Language of Literature by McDougal Littell

Language Network:  Grammar, Writing, Communication

Course Objective:  The purpose of this course is to meet the Kentucky Core Academic Standards, including:
*Reading Literature
*Reading for Information
*Speaking and Listening

Classroom Expectations:
*Be on time
*Be prepared
*Be a participant
*Be respectful

School supplies needed:
*Pencil/Pen (your choice) neatness in writing is part of the grade so if you choose pen and make a mistake, you will start over
*1” binder for keeping needed materials is not required but recommended

Your grade will consist of in-class assignments, homework assignments, quizzes, unit tests, semester tests, end-of-course tests, projects, written assignments and independent reading outside of the classroom. I expect every assignment to be completed, no matter how large or small, to the best of your ability. Your grade will be calculated based on a percentage of points. 
Make-Up Work:
If you miss class and need to make up work, please see me immediately to get information and handouts.  Please turn in all make up work as soon as possible so that I can keep your grade updated.  Students who are not happy with grades also have the opportunity to retake quizzes or redo assignments but are required to stay after school to do so. You may also check my teacher webpage at
Advanced Placement Students:
Students in an advanced placement class will be required to do extra work outside of the classroom as part of their grade. It will consist of independent reading and additional writing.  Students will be assessed on outside work along with their normal class work, their regular quizzes, tests, and writings.
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