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RI/L.7.2 - Summarizing and Main Idea

Summarizing Text and Main Idea

Writing a summary of a text can be challenging.  What actually is a summary and what do you include in it?  Think back on all the essays you have written.  Think of the introduction paragraph as the summary of your essay.  You include only the information that is necessary to understand what the text is about.  You should never include your opinion, background knowledge, or any personal information in a summary.  A summary is composed of only the main idea of a text and the key points used to support that main idea.
  • Summary:  A short account of the central ideas of a text.
  • Topic:  The person, place, thing, or idea that the text relates to.
  • Main Idea:  What the text is mostly about; relates directly to and/or clarifies the topic of the text.
  • Key Points:  Arguments or information that are used to support the main idea.
Don't forget the Summary Stool!
When summarizing FICTION stories, remember the catchy song we learned in class!
  • Somebody = Who is the main character? 
  • Wanted = What did the character want? 
  • But = What was the problem? 
  • So = What did the character do to solve the problem? 
  • Then What? = What was the final resolution to the problem or significant outcome? 
You want your summaries to be clean and free of unnecessary information, get to the point and keep it simple!  As always, don't forget to practice your summarizing skills in our classroom Symbaloo!
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