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RI/L.7.6 - Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose - It's as easy as PIE!!!

While all the math classes celebrate Pi day for 3/14, ELA gets PIE all year long, Author’s Purpose!!!

Author’s purpose is as easy as PIE!!! It is defined as the reason the author wrote the text. All authors write with one of three main purposes in mind.

Persuade – The author is trying to get you to feel a certain way. It attempts to influence the reader and usually makes an argument. Examples; political speeches, advertisements, a cover letter to a resume, an essay urging readers to recycle.

Inform – The author is giving facts, directions, or information. It is often called an expository writing that shows or explains facts. Examples; biography, news reports, a note to a friend, an essay about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Entertain – The author is telling a story to make you feel a certain way (happy, sad, curious, scared … ). Narratives (stories) are all written to entertain. They have a beginning, middle, and an end. The story may have a lesson, but the author’s main purpose is to entertain. Examples; fiction short stories and novels, poetry, a narrative essay telling a story about your summer vacation, scripts for fictional television shows or movies.

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