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I am a proud 1994 graduate of Greenup County High School.  Following High School I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Studies from Shawnee State University graduating from Shawnee in 1998.  I then work with troubled youth as a group counselor for over six years at The Ramey-Estep Homes.  I then pursued and received a Masters of Arts and Teaching degree from Morehead State University.  I have been employed by Greenup County Schools Since 2006.  I have coached many sports here at GC and I am currently an Assistant Coach for the football teams. I am very proud to be giving back to the community that molded and shaped who I am today.

Class Schedule

1st Period:  English II and III
2nd Period:  English I
3rd Period:  Planning
4th Period:  English II and III
5th Period:  English II and III
6th Period:  English IV
7th Period:  English I (co-teaching w/ Mr. Plummer)
Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday.
English IV (co-teaching w/ Mrs.  Marshall)

English II and III

The first full week of school was very busy week.  Students had a daily bell work activity and a daily writing prompt.
Second week we have introduced Short Stories:  The Bell Works have continued and will be daily during the year.  They have took notes using a graphic organizer, viewed examples of the 5 elements of a short story and came up with and example of each element of a short story on their own.  This week we have read and listened to the short story "The Most Dangerous Game."   Tentitively looking at Monday for a quiz (Multiple Choice) over 5 elements of a Short Story and "The Most Dangerous Game."
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