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GCHS Musketeers
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Craig Wilburn, Assistant Principal
Eric Keeton, Assistant Principal
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Web Design

Monday, November 13th
1. Which property adds or removes a line above, below, or through text? text-decoration
2. Which property modifies text into capitalization, uppercase, or lowercase? text-transform
Tuesday, November 14th 
1. Which font type has the appearance of handwriting? script
2. What does the font-weight property do? changes the boldness of the text
Wednesday, November 15th
1. Which style has the values of normal or small-caps? font-variant
2. The text-shadow style has how many required values? 4
Thursday, November 16th
1. What style properties are valid for the font-weight property? lighter, normal, bold, bolder, 100-900
2. Serif___ refers to fonts with little angle lines coming off the end of letters. 
Friday, November 17th 
1. What does the word “sans” mean? without
2. Arial is an example of which type of font? san-serif 
Monday, November 20th
1. What is the name of the tag used to create a links? <a> or anchor
2. What is a page jump? Jump from one part of a page to another
Tuesday, November 21st
1. When linking to another website, what must precede the URL? http://
2. What does an email link do?links to default mail software  
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