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Web Design

Monday, March 26th
1. What are the audio file types? mp3 wav ogg
2. Which tag is used to add audio to an HTML5 document? <audio></audio>
Tuesday, March 27th
1. Which tag is used to add video to an HTML5 document? <video></video>
2. Which tag is used to define alternative audio or video files? <source> 
 Wednesday, March 28th
1. What is a poster image? A temporary image in place of a video while the video is not playing
2. How would you add a control bar to a video? Adding the attribute controls="controls" to the <video> tag. 
Thursday, March 29th
1. What does the preload=”auto” attribute do? The browser determines whether to preload the video.
2. How should a single format audio or video file be defined? As a src attribute in the opening audio or video tag 
Friday, March 30th
1. What is meant by “encoding” as it refers to video files? compressing to a web compatible format
2. What is the standard frames per second rate for web based video files? 24-30
Monday, April 9th
1. What can the transform property do to an element? rotate, skew or scale an element
2. What is the purpose of style functions? to generate a value for a property
Tuesday, April 10th
1. A function receives input values through what? parameters
2. What code would properly apply the rotate transform 90 degrees? transform: rotate(90deg);
Wednesday, April 11th
1. What does it mean to skew? To rotate an element on its axis
2. Which style function will rotate an element along its x axis 20 degrees? skewx(20deg);
Thursday, April 12th
1. The transition property should generally be used with which pseudo element? :hover
2. When applying a transition to multiple properties, which keyword should be used to transition all the properties? all
Friday, April 13th
1. Which transition-timing-function value indicates that a transition should start slow and speed up over the transition duration? ease-in
2. What does the transition-duration: property indicate? how long the transition should take  
Monday, April 16th
1. A major concern when using CSS filters is ….most browsers do not recognize filters yet
2. What are CSS filters? style functions that add effects to containers and images
 Tuesday, April 17th
1. Which filter would replace the colors in an element with various shades of gray? grayscale()
2. Which filter is generally used to soften the colors of an image? saturate()
Wednesday, April 18th
1. Which filter function adjusts an elements colors around a color wheel? hue-rotate()
2. Which filter function is used to set the elements transparency? opacity ()
Thursday, April 19th
1. Which filter will apply a shadow behind an element? blur()
2. Which filter adjusts the amount of white in an elements color? brightness()
Friday, April 20th
1. Which filter changes the color to dark brownish yellow giving it an antique look? sepia()
2. When you add a blur filter to an element you increase the __pixel_ size.
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