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 Monday, September 17th

1. What are the two parts of a style? property and value

2. How do you write red in hexadecimal? #ff0000  


Tuesday, September 18th

1. To create an unordered list, you should place what tags around the entire list? <ul> and </ul>

2. Which type of list should be used when order is important? ordered list


Wednesday, September 19th

1. What style specifies whether the bullets are flush with the text, or if the bullets should be inside the text?  list-style-position

2. What attribute can be used if you want an ordered list to begin with a value other than 1? start = " "


Thursday, September 20th

1. A _nested_ list is created when you place one list inside of another list.

2. What style property is used to change the default bullet of a list? list-style-type


Friday, September 21st

1. With an embedded style sheet, style definitions that are created in the head section of the document are applied _throughout the entire page___. 

2. What is the proper inline style attribute to change the bullet of an unordered list to a square? <ul style="list-style-type: square">

Monday, September 24th

1. Which property is used to set text alignment? text-align

2. The spacing around the content within a container and the edge of the container is defined using the _padding___ style property. 

Tuesday, September 25th

1. Which property specifies how content should be handled that does not fit within a specified container size? overflow

2. What are the valid values for the text-align property? left, right, center, justify

Wednesday, September 26th

No Bellwork - ACT

Thursday, September 27th 

1. What is a child container? a container within another container

2. What is the height and width property used for? set the size of a block element(container)


Friday, September 28th

1. Which property will allow you to set a minimum height to a block element that can expand to accommodate its content? min-height

2. Which property would you use to position a block element to the left or right of its parent container and allow content to flow around it? float

Monday, October 1st

1. Which style property would you use to indicate that nothing should be positioned on a specific side of a floated element? clear

 2. Which overflow value will apply scrollbars to an element only if they are needed? auto  


Tuesday, October 2nd

1. When re-positioning an element, the surrounding content to adjust its position as if the moved object does not exist is called? absolute

2. When re-positioning an element, the surrounding content act as if the moved element is still in its position is called? relative

Wednesday, October 3rd

1.  Which style property would you use to change the font to Arial? font-family

2. Which style property would you use to adjust the size of the text? font-size

Thursday, October 4th

1. Which style property would you use to create a shadow behind the text? text-shadow

2. In order to make content within an element editable, which attribute would you apply? contenteditable="true"  

 Tuesday, October 9th

1. Which attribute would apply spell checking to a content editable element? checkspelling="true"

2. The <span> tag is used for what? To format areas of text without disrupting the layout of your page.


Wednesday, October 10th

1. What is a pseudo-element? An element in which a style is applied under a specific condition

2. Which pseudo-element will define how the first letter of an element should be styled? :first-letter


Thursday, October 11th 

1. Which property adds or removes a line above, below, or through text? text-decoration

2. Which property modifies text into capitalization, uppercase, or lowercase? text-transform


Friday, October 12th 

1. Which font type has the appearance of handwriting? script

 2. What does the font-weight property do? changes the boldness of the text 

 Monday, October 15th

1. Which style has the values of normal or small-caps? font-variant

2. The text-shadow style has how many required values? 4


Tuesday, October 16th

1. What style properties are valid for the font-weight property? lighter, normal, bold, bolder, 100-900

2. Serif___ refers to fonts with little angle lines coming off the end of letters. 


Wednesday, October 17th 

1. What does the word “sans” mean? without

2. Arial is an example of which type of font? san-serif 


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