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Web Design

Thursday, January 4th
1. The spacing around the outside edges of an element is referred at as its _margin__.
2. What is the difference in margin and padding? Margin is on the outside and padding is on the inside
Tuesday, January 9th 
1. To apply a margin on the left side of an element, use the _margin-left__ style.
2. To apply a margin to all four sides of an element, use the __margin__style.  
Wednesday, January 10th
1. Which style property would be used to create a curved corner effect? border-radius 
2. Which style property would apply a curved border to the top left corner only? border-top-left-radius 
 Thursday, January 11th
1. How would you apply the style, color and width of a border to an element using a single style property? style: style color width
2. What are the valid values for border-style? groove, inset, outset, ridge, dotted, dashed, solid, double 
 Friday, January 12th 
1. Which border property defines the thickness of the border? border-width
2. Which border property defines the color of the border? border-color  
Monday, January 22nd
1. What does the term radius refer to? The distance from the center point of the circle to its edge.
2. If the width of an element is set to 800px and the padding is set to 10px, what is the total width occupied by the element? 810px

Tuesday, January 23rd
1. Which style rule would center a block element within its parent element? margin:auto;
2. What is the purpose of HTML tables? To display information in a tabular format.

Wednesday, January 24th
1. The rows of a table are defined by which tag? <tr>
2. Which tag defines cells in a table? <td>

Thursday, January 25th
1. Which tag can be used to replace the table data cell to bold and center the data? <th>
2. The columns of a table are created by _____. 
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