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McKell Middle School Bulldogs
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Nathan Sutton, Principal
Chris Ailster, Assistant Principal
129 Bulldog Lane
South Shore, KY


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 Here's What's Going On!
Monday No School 
                    Tuesday Homework  WS. 24
                     Wednesday's Homework WS. 25
                      Thursday's Homework WS. 26  
                     Vocabulary& Spelling Test Friday 9/07/15
Spelling: Squirrel, vacuum, bologna, flies, helicopter, straight, strait 
Voc. : evident= clear, determine=figure out, dispose= get rid of, desperate= great need, improper= not right, restore= to fix, preserve= to keep, rejection= refusal, pursue= to try to get, accompany= to go along with
           Study and Good Luck! 

Language Arts Point System

A =  93-100

A- =  90-92

B+ =  87-89

B =  83-86

B- =  80-82

C+ =  77-79

C =  73-76

C- =  70-72

D+ =  67-69

D =  63-67

D- = 60-62

F = 59-0 

     Middle level English/Language Arts is designed to present a wide range of reading experiences with print and non-print text for literary, informational, persuasive, and practical purposes. Students use writing-to-learn and writing-to-demonstrate-learning strategies, as well as the writing process and criteria for effective writing, to write in a variety of forms and for multiple audiences and purposes. Speaking, listening, and observing skills are used to communicate information for a variety of authentic purposes, situations, and audiences. The integration of inquiry skills and technology with the other strands allows students to continue to discover and communicate ideas and information. Course adheres to Program of Studies requirements.

Course Rules

:  Plagiarism occurs when you knowingly submit someone else's ideas or words as your own. Plagiarism is an act of intentional deception that not only is dishonest; it robs you of the most important product of education---the actual learning. Should I suspect that you have plagiarized, I will talk with you one-on -one and ask you to prove that the work in question is your own. If you are found guilty of academic dishonesty, you will automatically fail that assignment.


Attendance and Punctuality: Should you miss class, it is your responsibility to make up all the work done that day as well as get the notes for that class period from a peer in the class. If you missed a quiz it is up to you to reschedule a make-up test time with me. 


Adhere to the Rules of Conduct:


An Invitation: If you have any questions or concerns about your progress in this course, please arrange a time to speak with me immediately. There are few problems that can’t be worked around, but it is necessary that you initiate a discussion with me about the issue at hand in order for any action to result.


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