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Advanced Multimedia Publishing - Weekly Journal Topics


Journals are worth 4 points each day. 1 point for copying the journal topic into Microsoft Word. 3 more points for writing 3 sentences on that days topic. If a student only writes one sentence then they only get the one point that sentence is worth; if a students writes four or more sentences they only receive the three points the assignment is worth. (NO EXTRA CREDIT)

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Bellwork for the week of August 27 - August 31 - Save as "Your Name - Journals 1-5" in your Advanced Multimedia Folder.
Journal #1 - "If you had a pet dragon how would you give it a bath?"
Journal #2 - "If you could turn invisible, what would you do?"
Journal #3 - "What is your most favorite place to visit?"
Journal #4 - "What is something you've done recently that you never thought you could do?"
Journal #5 - "Who do you admire the most?"
Bellwork for the week of September 4 - September 7 - Save as "Your Name - Journals 6 - 9" in your Multimedia Folder
Journal #6 - "What are your favorite books?"
Journal #7 - "Who are some of your favorite characters in books?"
Journal #8 - "What is favorite YouTube video?"
Journal #9 - "Do you follow anyone on YouTube, if so who? if not... then why not?"
Bellwork for the week of September 10 - September 14 - Save as "Your Name - Journals 10 - 14" in your Multimedia Folder  
Journal #10 - "What movie scenes sticks with you?"
Journal #11 - "What is your favorite movie?"
Journal #12 - "Who is your favorite character from a movie?"
Journal #13 - "Name a person whose life has been improved by knowing you, and explain why?"
Journal #14 - "If your life was a reality TV show, what would be the hook that would draw viewers in?"
Bellwork for the week of September 17 - September 21 - Save as "Your Name - Journals 15 - 19" in your Digital Literacy Folder 
Journal #15 - "When was the last time you cried?"
Journal #16 - "What is the earliest memory you have of a sibling?"
Journal #17 - "What is the earliest photograph of yourself that you have that you remember when it was taken?"
Journal #18 - "What is the longest you've had a "borrowed" item but not been able to return it because they moved?"
Journal #19 - "What did you eat as a child that you can't stand now?"
Bellwork for the week of September 24 - September 28 - Save as "Your Name - Journals 20 - 24" in your Multimedia Folder
Journal #20 - What is one thing that happened today that I really want to remember 10 years from now?
Journal #21 - Did I do something today that I can be proud of?
Journal #22 - "What is one thing that I am grateful for today?"
Journal #23 - "Write about something that makes you sad?"
Journal #24 - "Who is the one person that you miss?
Bellwork for the week of October 1 - October 4 - Save as "Your Name - Journals 25 - 28" in your Multimedia Folder
Journal #25 - "If you could hang out with the person from the previous journal what would you do?"
Journal #26 - "Why is it important to be genuine?"
Journal #27 - "Why do you think wars exist in the world?"
Journal #28 - "Why would we say that someone is "bananas"?"
 Bellwork for the week of October 9 - October 12 - Save as "Your Name - Journals 29 - 32" in your Digital Literacy Folder 
Journal #29 - "Do you think the ability to focus is an important quality? Why or why not?"
Journal #30 - "Explain why you think we say, "Dead as a door nail".
Journal #31 - "How do you feel about using humans in medical research?"
Journal #32 - "What does "copy cat,” mean to you?"

Journal #33 - "What do you think about ghosts?"
Journal #34 - "What does "holds water” mean to you?"
Journal #35 - "How did you meet your first boyfriend or girlfriend? If you've never had one how do you think you will meet them?"
Journal #36 - "Describe your typical day, from wake to sleep."
Journal #37 - "What would be your ideal birthday present, and why?"Bellwork for the week of October 15 - October 19 - Save as "Your Name - Journals 33 - 37" in your Multimedia Folder

Journal #38 - "If you could take home any animal from the zoo, which would it be, and what would you do with it?"
Journal #39 - "Think of a loved one that you have lost. If you could ask this person one question, what would you ask, and what do you think they would say?"
Journal #40 - "Where do you think you will be in five years?"
Journal #41 - "If you were to die today what would you like people to say about you?"
Journal #42 - "What is your proudest accomplishment?"
Journal #43 - "If you could be anybody, who would you be?"
Journal #44 - "What is the most important aspect of your life and why?"
Journal #45 - "Where would you travel, if you could go anywhere?"
Journal #46 - "What time period you would you have liked to have been born in?"
Journal #47 - What extinct animal would you bring back, if you could?
Journal #48 - What profession do you think will end up at?
Journal #49 - What book setting would you like to visit, if you could?
Journal #50 - Given the chance to give your child only one quality as a person, which would you choose?  Why is this so important to you?
Journal #51 - Which superpower would you choose to have if you had the option and why? Conversely, which superhero do you find to be the most overrated and why?
Journal #52 - You have one week to do whatever you want, all-expenses-paid, what things would you want to do? Where would you go?
Journal #53 - If your best friend came to you depressed and upset like you've never seen before, how would you react?
Journal #54 - In what ways do you sometimes wish to act to be a better friend, but don't? Why do you find yourself unable to do these things?
Journal #55 - You have one hour to come up with the most interesting television show you can and describe/pitch it.
Journal #56 - "If someone gains, someone else loses." How much does this reflect life, and how much does it come up short. 
Reflecting upon this, how could your attitudes have been different during events in your past?
Journal #57 - Would you be a different person today if you had a different childhood? How?
Journal #58 - Consider some of the parents others had growing up. What type of person would you be if you had those situations?
Journal #59 - "What if your life had been harder or easier? How do you think you'd be different?"
Journal #60 - "Am I happy with my life, and situation? What parts are good? What parts are bad?"
Journal #61 - "If I could change one thing about one of my friends, what would I change?"
Journal #62 - "What is the greatest vacation I have taken and what lessons can I take from it?"
Journal #63 - "If you won a million dollars but had to give it all away, who would you give it to and why?"
Journal #64 - "What was your first pet? Why did you choose this pet?"
Journal #65 - "If you could build a car customized just for you, what would it contain?"
Journal #66 - "What did you want to be when you grew up?"
Journal #67 - "If you had to write your life story, what would the title be? Why?"
Journal #68 - "How do you feel when you see something beautiful? Have you ever seen something so beautiful it makes you cry?"
Journal #69 - "What are you thankful for?"
Journal #70 - "This morning, when I got out of bed, I ….. Before bed tonight, I will…."
Journal #71 - "What do you think about as you are falling asleep?"
Journal #72 - "What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?"
Journal #73 - "What is your favorite thing to do outdoors? Why?"
Journal #74 - "What would you write in a letter you could send back in time to yourself as a younger kid?"
Journal #75 - "What would you write in a letter you could send forward in time to yourself in 10 years?"
Journal #76 - "When did you first realize you would someday be old or someday die?"
Journal #77 - "Describe what it was like to fall in love."
Journal #78 - "Explain how you are choosing your college or career?"
Journal #79 - "When have you realized you were really wrong in your judgment about someone?"
Journal #80 - "How do you react when you realize you've made a mistake?" 
Journal #81 - "What situation has caused you to confront your ethics recently?"
Journal #82 - "If you had to sacrifice one of your senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing), which would you choose and why?"
Journal #83 - "What about a goal makes you most likely to procrastinate?"
Journal #84 - "What would it be like to be in a tornado?"
Journal #85 - "Where would you go to relax and why?"
Journal #86 - No Journal Topic - Free Journal (3 sentences)
Journal #87 -  Were you ever in a helicopter, limousine, racecar, hot-air balloon, submarine, or horse-drawn carriage?
Journal #88 -  Did you ever forget something really important?  What happened as a result?
Journal #89 - Write about an experience in a hospital.
Journal #90 - Were you ever accused of something that you didn't do?  
Journal #91 - Who is the person that I feel has altered the course of my morals and values, and how did they effect me?
Journal #91 - Where do I see myself, so far as my goals, personal development, residence, or job, in five years, and do I have a plan to arrive at this destination?
Journal #92 - What is my earliest or happiest memory?
Journal #93 - Which amendment to the constitution is the most important to you and why?
Journal #95 - Is speech always free? When and where might it not be free?
Journal #96 - Put yourself in Anne Frank's place how would you have survived?
Journal #97 - If you witnessed a fight at school would you report it? What could the repercussions be if you told the truth?
Journal #98 - What was(will be) the first thing that you did(do) when you got your driver's license?
Journal #99 - What would you do if you woke up one morning with a tail?
Journal #100 - "How would you react if you were to find out you would be the first child in space?"
Journal #101 - "Who would you most like to be like if you could change your personality?"
Journal #102 - "If you were born in another time, what time would you choose and why?"
Journal #103 - "Where would you most like to watch the sun come up? Why?"
Journal #104 - How do you think instant riches would affect your friendships and family relationships?
Journal #105 - How do you think sudden loss of millions would affect your family relationships and friendships?
Journal #106 - How do you imagine humans would move to Mars in the event of world wide catastrophe?
Journal #107 - If you were elected President, what do you think would be your most difficult tasks?
Journal #108 - Describe something you feel most passionate about to a complete stranger.
Journal #109 - "Describe your favorite memory about an amusement park or county fair you visited."
Journal #110 - "When was the last time you lied and why."
Journal #111 - "What was your closest brush with death."
Journal #112 - "Where would you want to live if Earth was uninhabitable."
Journal #113 - "Remember the last time you spoke to a person who later died." 
Journal #114 - "If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want your last words to be?"
Journal #115 - "Write about the last time weather scared you."
Journal #116 - "Who was the best teacher you ever had, and why?"
Journal #117 - "Describe your favorite sound"
Journal #118 - "When were you the happiest this year?"
Journal #119 - "What would you do on a snow day?"
Journal #120 - "What are you saving up for?"
Journal #121 - "What caused me to wince today?"
Journal #122 - "Who did I run in to today that I would like to spend more time with?"
Journal #123 - "What tempted me today?"
Journal #124 - "What yes or no questions would be interesting to decide by flipping a coin?"
Journal #125 - "What trait did you admire in a relative, friend, classmate, or coworker today?"
Journal #126 - "How do you feel when you stare at the stars and moon?"
Journal #127 - "What would you say to your loved ones if you could tell them absolutely anything?" 
Journal #128 - "If you could tell your boss what you really want to do in your job, what would it be?"
Journal #129 - "How are you going to make tomorrow a joyful day?"
Journal #130 - "Recall a place, person or event, what emotion do you remember feeling most strongly?"
Journal #131 - "If you could return in time to a set time to relive it, but not change anything, what would you choose and why?"
Journal #132 - "What is your strongest memory, as a child, of your parents and what were you all doing at the time?"
Journal #133 - "You are given 24 hours to do whatever you would like, money no object. What do you do and why?"
Journal #134 - "You have to invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive. Who do you invite and why?"
Journal #135 - "What makes your favorite song so special? How do you personally relate to it?"
Journal #136 - "What are some colors you see the most in your every day life?"
Journal #137 - "What is your fondest memory of an animal or pet you once had?"
Journal #138 - What classes should a person take in high school?
Journal #139 - Describe a headache to someone who has never had one.
Journal #140 - Describe the last time you saw a rainbow?
Journal #141 - Why are leaves green?
Journal #142 -  What is your favorite sports team and why?
Journal #143 - "Which friend has had the greatest impact on your life and why?"
Journal #144 - "Which photo of yourself do you hate the most, and why?"
Journal #145 - "Who inspires you the most, and why?"
Journal #146 - "Can you buy happiness?"
Journal #147 - "Imagine you're stuck on the roof of a house that has been carried away by a flood. Which person would you most like to be on the roof with you?"
Journal #148 - "Which would you choose: immense wealth in obscurity or poverty and fame (think "starving artist")?"
Journal #149 - "What animal do you identify with most closely?"
Journal #150 - "What is your favorite season and why?"
Journal #151 - "Imagine you are attending your dream concert—what songs would you want to be played? What does the stage look like?"
Journal #152 - "What's your favorite place to escape from life temporarily? A park? A mall?"
Journal #153 - "What's one job you would never want to do?"
Journal #154 - "Has a friend ever broken something or yours? How did you react?"
Journal #155 - "What's the best memory you have from the last year?"
Journal #156 - "How do you feel about politicians openly sharing their religious beliefs?"
Journal #157 - "If you could be any character from a tv show, movie, book, etc; what character would you choose and why?"
Journal #158 - "If you could work in any store in the mall what store would you work in and why?"    
Journal #159 - "What did you enjoy learning about this year in multimedia publishing?"
Journal #160 - "What would you have liked learning about in multimedia publishing?"
Journal #161 - "Do you think Mr. Sturgill did an adequate job getting to know the students in his class?
Journal #162 - "What does Mr. Sturgill need to work to make his classes better next year?
Journal #163 - "Do you think you'll try signing up for any of Mr. Sturgill's advanced classes? Why or why not? 
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