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Wurtland Middle School Wildcats
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Amanda Powell, Principal
Brandi Litteral, Assistant Principal
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About Myself

Hello, my name is Scott Bowling.  I have been teaching seventh grade science for seventeen years.  I have taught in Boyd, Fayette, and Greenup counties.  I love teaching science because students get to "get their hands dirty" and really explore the concepts.  I believe that the more fun I can make my classes the more information my students will retain.   
I hold a Middle School teaching degree from Morehead State University and also a Masters degree in Instructional Leadership.  I am currently working to earn my rank 1 in the field of curriculum design.  

Our Class Data and Topic Coverage

Seventh Grade Science


Course Description

Students in seventh grade science will explore topics in both life science and physical science. The first half of the year students will focus on physical science. Content will include the study of atoms, interactions of atoms, and the concepts that deal with forces, motion, and forms of energy. The second half of the year we will explore the structure and function of individual cells and how their individual adaptations allow organisms to survive various conditions. 

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