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6th Grade Science/8th Grade Honors Science

Hello, welcome to my webpage! I am Doris Cattell. I am the 6th grade science teacher, and I have 8th grade honors science, as well. I attended Ohio University, and I have a bachelor's degree in middle childhood education-math and science. In 2016, I received my Master's degree in GEOSCIENCES from Western Governor's University, which is basically Earth and space science.
If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email me at Also, my planning period is fifth period. I hope you find this webpage both helpful and informative. I am looking forward to an AWESOME year!
 6th grade = Unit 1: Ecosystems test will be on Tuesday, September 20th.
8th grade = We are just past midway in Unit 1: Chemistry. We are currently working on I  can interpret chemical formulas. We will be moving on to balancing chemical equations, and lastly bonding.
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! Following is a  list of supplies needed for all my scientists:
1. 2+ composition notebooks
2. Loose leaf paper
3. Pencil pouch (suggest one that snaps into binder)
4. Lots of pencils
5. Red pen
6. Erasers
7. Dry erase markers (for student use)
8. Small pencil sharpeners (for use with colored pencils)
9. Colored pencils
10. $10 lab fee (used to purchase supplies for labs)
11. scissors
12. Optional - highlighters
The following items are shared with the class. If you can bring some of these, great!! If you can't, don't worry about it.
* Heavy weight ziploc bags
* Paper towels
* Tissues
Students must bring binders with pencils, markers, and paper to class every day.
See you soon!!

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