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Carrie Davis - Agriculture


My name is Carrie Davis.  I teach Agriculture classes.  

Contact Information:
Phone:  (606) 473-9812

Class Descriptions

Agri Science

The science, art, or practice of cultivating the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock and in varying degrees the preparation and marketing of the resulting products

Small Animal Science

Animal Science
 "studying the biology of animals that are under the control of mankind".  Historically, the degree was called animal husbandry and the animals studied were livestock species, like cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, and horses. Today, courses available now look at a far broader area to include companion animals like dogs and cats, and many exotic species
Animal Technology

Syllabus Downloads

Daily Schedule

1st Period:  Agri Science
2nd Period: Small Animal Science
3rd Period: Animal Science
4th Period: Animal Technology
5th Period: Agri Science
6th Period: Animal Science
7th Period: Planning

Yearly Schedule

Classroom Rules


Acronym quizzes will be returned at the beginning of each week.  For every misspelled word, you can earn half credit by writing it correctly on the back of your quiz.  These are due by Friday.

December  15-19 


December 8-12
  • LFG= Live Foal Guarantee

  • KEEP= Kentucky Equine Education Project

  • NAILE= North American International Livestock Exposition (Louisville, KY)

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