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WMS implements a highly structured behavior intervention known as PASS for students with behavioral issues.  PASS is built on the belief that children with emotional and behavioral issues benefit academically from participation in the general curriculum and behaviorally from educational experiences with nonhandicapped peers.

Developed by a behavior specialist and a licensed psychologist with more than 40 years of collective educational experience, PASS helps school staff serve students with serious emotional disturbances in the general education setting, using individualized programming that incorporates best practices. Programming combines targeted, intensive instruction with behavior monitoring and coaching support for the student and the teacher. The program aims to assist the student in developing self-management skills and relies on data to drive decisions regarding student programming.


4th Period Reading Class

Class News

This week we will be finishing our much delayed fables final copies.  Using my classroom computers students will type their final copies of their fables, they are due  THURSDAY 3/12/15.
Each day we will begin class with bell work and then reading a fable aloud in class as a group and discussing its moral and comparing it to the rubric for their own fables they are finishing this week.  




2014 - 2015 School Year

It is my pleasure to serve the community of Greenup County here at Wurtland Middle School.  I am a Greenup County native and attended Wurtland Middle School all three years myself.  It is a special privilege to work in the district, so feel free with questions or concerns about your kiddos. 
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