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Wurtland Languanauts - 7th Grade Language Arts and Reading

Wurtland Languagnauts - 7th Grade ELA

A. Beth Jones ~ ELA Launch Instructor

Wurtland Languanauts

21st Century Communications - 7th Grade ELA Training Program

Mrs. A. Beth Jones

7th Grade English Language Arts
Wurtland Middle School, Rm 118
700 Center Street
Wurtland, KY  41144
Phone:  (606) 836-1023
Daily Schedule:
1st Period: 7:55-8:55
2nd Period:  8:58-9:50
3rd Period:  9:53-10:45 (*Planning Period*)
4th Period (1st Half):  10:48-11:15 (*RTI*)
LUNCH:  11:15-11:40
4th Period (2nd Half): 11:40-12:09
5th Period:  12:12-1:05
6th Period:  1:08-2:00 (*Language Arts Enrichment*) 
7th Period:  2:03-2:55   
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