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Pod Documents and Classroom Downloads

Welcome statement along with rules and procedures, as well as some helpful writing tips.
All current BVS vocabulary from Unit 1 Chapter 1 through Unit 2 Chapter 12. (02/10/17)
Definitions for all terms relating to summarizing, point of view, text structure, and inference. Each term/definition is also available on the standard specific webpages.
Topic, main idea, key points, and supporting details explained.
Common idioms and their meanings.
The 5 main text structures, signal words to help identify them, and tips to help figure out which text structure is being used.
Graphic organizers used for each of the main text structures, including separate GOs for each of the three different ways to organize sequence.
Identify between each point of view and mode of 3rd person narration.
Author's Purpose is as easy as PIE!!! Persuade, Inform, Entertain
12 commonly encountered terms used in writing prompts and what they mean.
Rules for Answering Extended Response and IRACE to Write an Excellent Response!
Common proofreading marks students need to know to correct their writing and do peer-reviews of other student's writings.
"Rules for Answering Extended Response" strategy as introduced by Katie Williams.
Using Maya Angelou's "Caged Bird" to practice extended writing response using evidence-based terms and the RAER strategy.
This download prints like a booklet you can fold and staple together, ensuring you have a resource packed full of ways to help you become a proficient writer.
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