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Summer PD Opportunities

June/July- (all grades) Greenup County Scavenger Hunt  (3 hrs )- Get PD in your pajamas or by the poolside using Twitter!  Zach Howard of MES is a Certified Google Trainer who has found a love of the book Education Protocols.  He will be offering a Digital Scavenger Hunt that has 6 items and 6 reflections that will be communicated via Twitter posts.  He will do a follow up in person "Smack Down" session on the opening day of professional development August 13th.   No one will be harmed in the Smack Down Session.

July 30th, 31st (12 hrs)- Guided Reading w/ Centers for grades P-K.  Melissa Latimer will work with kindergarten and preschool on collaboration and transition strategies into guided reading model that incorporates differentiated centers.  

August 6, 7 (12 hrs) - Guided Reading w/ Centers for grades 1&2 .  Melissa Latimer will work with first and second grade on management strategies for  the guided reading model that incorporates differentiated centers.  

July 31st (6 hrs)- Literacy Engagement for grades 3-5- Traysea will work with teachers on how to engage students in Inquiry Circles and Literature Circles using the K-Prep Performance Level Indicators to push students to proficiency.  This will involve technology integration, and provide collaboration time for teachers to share ideas an create lessons that will differentiate for all levels.  Teachers will leave with literacy materials to begin their year. 

July 24th (6 hrs)- Guided Math for Grade 3- Becki and Vonda have set aside a special day just for 3rd grade! This is a big transition year and they want you to have materials ready to go for implementing guided math and moving beyond basic GoMath instruction.  As always, they will send you off with games and ideas. Bring your notebooks from past sessions so you can add to them!

July 31st (6 hrs) - Math Boot Camp for Middle School Grades 6-8- Becki and Vonda will share more innovative ways to reteach topics and support RTI needs for students.  Bring your notebooks from past sessions so you can add to them! Middle school math is currently leading our district, they have more ideas to keep pushing your kids forward.  

August 1 (6 hrs)- Guided Math Grades 4 & 5 - Once you see the growth and differentiation possible from Guided Math, you may never want to teach a different way!  Leave with management ideas, resources, and of course games to teach students the difficult concepts of grades 4 & 5 that set the stage for middle school and beyond. Bring your notebooks from past sessions so you can add to them and reorganize them for Guided Math Practice.

 August 9 (6 hrs)- STEM Activities Aligned to NGSS Grades k-8-  This session will consist of matching labs, models, activities, and online resources to the various NGSS standards at each grade level.  You will leave with new ways to implement your science standards and a clearer understanding of what to teach and when.  Make and takes will happen, fun is optional!


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