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2017-2018 Test Scores Are In!

 Accountability is changing and there is no longer an overall
score, as it is prohibited by state law SB1. For this year they used K-Prep data, ACT data, Graduation Rate, and Transition Readiness (new name for College Career Ready). This gave created indicators called Proficiency, Separate Academic Indicator, Growth, Graduation Rate, and Transition
Elementary and Middle schools had 3 components:
Proficiency- Reading and Math
Separate Academic Indicator- Social Studies, Science, On Demand Writing
Growth- Reading and Math score trajectory score.
High School had 3 components:
Proficiency- ACT sub scores from Reading and Math
Graduation Rate- An average of 2017 and 2018 Graduating Numbers
Transition- This is if students have met ACT benchmarks, and or earned a Certification that makes them eligible to go straight to work. Greenup had the highest Transition Score
in the region.
The state developed cut scores that let you know if your school is achieving and meeting their goals in each of their required indicators. The cut scores will change each year and more components will be added. Each of our
schools met the required numbers for all students.

For this year each of our schools exceeded all areas of cut scores in accountability. Each school is celebrating success with their students and letting them know they made their goals and they are proud of them. The March of Pride is
scheduled for October 12th football game, where we will honor all students who scored Proficient, Distinguished, or earned an Industry Certification.
The staff, teachers, students, parents, and administration all worked very hard and we have many reasons to celebrate them. Thank you for your support and celebration of another successful academic year in Greenup County.
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