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McKell Middle School Bulldogs
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Nathan Sutton, Principal
Chris Ailster, Assistant Principal
129 Bulldog Lane
South Shore, KY


Abrams (EBD resource)

Students in my resource classroom will participate in the Phase System.
Parents will be given a copy/explanation of the Phase System.
Students are given priviliges based on their own merit.  Students will also be phased out into the regular education setting based on their progress. 
Students are required to maintain an 80% average on their daily point sheet and also maintain a 70% average within all academic areas. 
Students who do not achieve an 80% on their behavior, and 70% academically will return to the resource classroom for 7-10 days, or until the issue has been resolved.
Students who are repeat returns to the resource classroom will be required to re-start the phase system with phase 1 and work their way through once again.
Parents will receive a weekly progress report on their child and is required to sign.
Parents who have questions or concerns are encouraged to call.
This program will be successful with the cooperation between parents, teachers,and student. 

classroom guidelines

Classroom guidelines
1.  Come to class prepared ( pencil, paper, books, etc.)
2.  Leave attitude at the door or at home.
3.  Enter the classroom, take your seat quietly.
4.  Take responsibility for your own actions.
5.  Respect yourself and others.
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