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Wurtland Middle School Wildcats
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Amanda Powell, Principal
Brandi Litteral, Assistant Principal
700 Center Street
Wurtland, KY 41144



                                                                        TEACHER: MRS. WOODS
                                                 Email: 606-836-1023

Welcome to Wurtland Middle School Physical Education class. I hope you will enjoy this class as well as gain valuable knowledge about physical fitness. During this nine weeks you will focus on the following topics:
1. Fitness and exercise
2. Team sports
3. Individual sports
4. Recreational activities
5. Life-long fitness activities
6. Cooperative skills/sportsmanship
7. Dance and rhythms
8. Injury prevention

Below you will find information that will help you have a successful term in this class.

• You will dress out daily according to the following guidelines:
1. Comfortable pants such as sweat pant or shorts (no shorter than a 9 inch inseam)
Exception; religious or cultural clothing.
2. Shirts that do not show midriff, or arm pits. A regular t-shirt or sweatshirt will do.
3. Shoes cannot be open toed-shoes, dress shoes, hard soled shoes, or boots. Gym shoes should have soles like a sneaker, tennis shoe, or basketball shoe.

1. 5 minutes will be given after the tardy bell to dress.
2. Read the daily agenda on the white board.
3. Warm-up-walk ---outside the basketball boundary lines.
4. Listen to roll call and respond.
5. Come to the center for stretches/flexibility exercises when given the command to do so.
• Bring PE clothes every day
• Be on time
• Do not leave valuables in the locker room. You are responsible for your belongings. You may put them on the bleachers or on a table in the gym. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WATCHING OVER STUDENT BELONGINGS. I WILL BE BUSY MONITORING CLASS ACTIVITIES.
• Give your best effort every day.
• Handle equipment with care. Do not go into the equipment area without permission.
• Listen to safety rules and follow all safety rules.
• No horseplaying
• No food or drink
• Cooperate with others. Take turns, pay attention, be courteous, and be understanding. There will be no teasing, bullying, taunting, or harassment.
• Have fun and learn
• Demonstrate positive behaviors. Be helpful, be encouraging to others, show sportsmanship and teamwork qualities.
• Follow all school handbook policies and district policies.
1. To receive daily activity points, you must participate
2. Doctor’s notes are always accepted.
3. One note from home is allowed for the 9 weeks. After this, zeroes will be assigned for the day’s activity.
Sit out 1 time-zero given
Sit out 2 times-zero and a demerit given
Sit out 3 times-zero, demerit, and lunch detention given
Sit out 4 times-zero, demerit, and 1/2 day of ISI
Sit out 5 times-zero, demerit, and full day of ISI
After 5 times an office referral will occur and discipline will be determined by administrators.

4. To be eligible for Mrs. Wood’s field trips, you must maintain a 90% average and not have any ISI or OSS offenses.

90%-100%-A 89%-80%-B 79%-70%-C 69%-60%-D 59% and below-F
Ten points will be given daily for participation. (6 points for participation, 2 points for dressing out, 2 points for following expectations)
All students may have an occasional written assignment, exam, quiz, or project. A variety of points would be assigned for these activities.

Students requiring behavior intervention will receive the following in order:
1. Verbal warning-1st offense
2. Removal from the activity-2nd offense
3. Discipline procedures (demerit, phone call to parents, office referral)-3rd offense. If the behavior is serious in nature this option may be taken at any time.

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