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Hello, welcome to my webpage and welcome to 6th grade.  Please visit my webpage weekly, I will post weekly assignments and share information about upcoming assessments.  Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions during school hours. 

Thank you,
Lashawna Wright

Mrs. Wright's Geography class is currently working on the following unit:

North America:
Chapters 5,6, and7 in World Geography textbook.

Related Core Content:
Students will explain how elements of culture define specific groups.  SS-06-2.1.1
Students will use a variety of geographic tools to interpret patterns and locations on Earth's surface. SS-06-4.1.1
Students will:
Describe the physical features of North America.
Analyze the characteristics of the five regions of Canada.
Explain how location affects a person's way of life.

Essential Questions:
  •  How does where you live affect how you live?


plural society







Learning checks are assessments that check for a students understanding of a learning objectives
Next learning check:


Homeroom -7:45-8:00
1st Period-   8:03-8:55    Geography
2nd Period-  8:58-9:50 Geography
3rd Period-   9:53-10:45 Humanities
(Lunch- 10:48-11:11)
4th Period-    11:15-12:03 Enrichment
5th Period-    12:06-12:59 Geography
6th Period-    1:02- 1:55 Geography
7th Period-    1:58- 2:50 Planning
Locker/Bus Call  2:50-3:15
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