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About Us

The Greenup County School District (GCSD) is located along the Ohio River in Northeastern Kentucky, approximately two hours east of Cincinnati, Ohio and one hour west of Huntington, W.VA.  With an annual budget of approximately $27 million, GCSD provides PreK-12 educational programs and services to about 2,800 students.  The district covers approximately 326 square miles.  


Course offerings include a college preparatory education program, and a career-technical education program. Services through a variety of educational settings that include regular education classrooms, career-technical classrooms and workshops, and blended learning classes (combination of face-to-face and online learning environments). All settings are operated in an inclusive environment. Locations of our facilities include the following:


  • One High School: 
    • Greenup County High School:  850 students 
  •  Two Middle Schools: 
    • Mckell Middle School, 350 students
    • Wurtland Middle School:  320 students
  • Four Elementary Schools (each elementary houses a preschool program): 
    • Argillite Elementary:  250 students 
    • Greysbranch Elementary, 320 students 
    • McKell Elementary, 460 students 
    • Wurtland Elementary, 200 students
  • One Career-Technical School:  
    • Greenup County Area Technology Center 

Our Educational program leads students to graduate with a general high school diploma.  Students graduating from Greenup County High School also have the option of pursuing career-technical certificates by attending classes at the GCATC (Greenup County Area Technology Center).  These certificate programs include Agriculture, Automotive Mechanics, Business and Information Technology, Electricity, Health Science, Phlebotomy, Horticulture, Office Technology, and Welding.  The district offers 53 hours of dual-credit classes, which allows students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously.  In addition, GCHS offers Advanced Placement (AP) classes in which students can obtain college credit after passing the required AP Exam.  



Workforce Profile 

The GCSD’s paid workforce consists of 415 staff members with a variety of skills and abilities. GCSD maintains a total workforce of 184 certified instructional staff, 205 classified staff members, 18 administrative staff members, and 8 school counselors.   


GCSD has 100% Highly Qualified Teachers (HQTs), meaning that all instructional workforce members are certified, and possess additional requirements such as a Bachelor’s degree in the subject areas in which they teach. This Highly Qualified status is an area in which the district goes above and beyond minimum requirements. 




The GCSD maintains $29.6 million in facilities and equipment assets.


GCSD owns and maintains a substantial amount of technology hardware and software.  A majority of classrooms in the district are equipped with an overhead projector, SmartBoard, and multiple student workstations.  In addition, most classrooms are also equipped with document cameras, student response systems, and other various technology.  Every school also maintains multiple computer labs that enable whole class instruction/activities.  The GCSD is recognized as an area leader in the area of technology and its application to instruction.


The GCSD owns 51 school buses to transport students, and 5 additional vehicles for use by district staff.  The district also operates a bus repair facility that is attached to the district office.



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